Thursday, December 17, 2015

Picture Puzzle Piece

Do you remember growing up reading the Shel Silverstien books?  I loved them.  My most favourite days in school was when the teacher would pull out one of his books and start reading - I remember how much I would laugh.    My kids have the same appreciation for these books and we enjoy reading them from time to time.   It was just the other day I found my son reading "A light in the attic" so I sat down beside him to read along.   He was sharing some of his favourites with me when we came across the "Picture Puzzle Piece" poem and he mentioned that he didn’t understand it.  

So I read it out loud to him and at first I didn’t either - Then all of a sudden it hit me.  

We start puzzles by having all the pieces and a picture of what it should be...but what if we could only see one piece of the puzzle and not see the whole picture, what does that one piece represent and where does it fit in the big picture. 

We started to think about how "The Puzzle Piece" poem relates to our everday world and how we should keep the message of this poem in mind when we meet someone for the first time or when dealing with people we see everyday. We often only see a small part of who they really are. We don’t know all that they are going through, the burdens they are carrying, or possibly illnesses they are hiding. We need to remind ourselves that we are only seeing one picture puzzle piece at a time and without all the pieces we will never truly appreciate the full picture. 

This concept is something we have reflected on every day this week...Something I hope you will think about too.

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