Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have you met Dave?

Most people know Dave Skinner as a business man and anyone who does knows IPB is a big part of his life.  In fact, Ingersoll Paper Box has been his life for over 50 years.  He built this business by giving the customer exactly what they ask for, and by being honest and fair to everyone he meets.  I hate to sum it up like that but he is the most honest and fair person I know. 

Dave and I started working together when I was only 16.  At first it didn’t go well.  He had extremely high expectations, and I was a teenager.  Not a great combo.  But we persevered and got through my tough teenage years - he lowered his expectations (or maybe got rid of them all together!) and all these years later we still have our offices beside each other. 

I am sure the people in the office don’t love it when we get snippy with each other.  They may even find it uncomfortable at times!  But our relationship is a unique one. 

You see, Dave is my Dad.

I started calling him Dave when I was a teenager, not out of dis-respect - but out of respect for those around me at work.  Not everyone needs reminding that he is my Dad.  They all know it.  I don’t need to go around saying it – so now I call him Dave all the time in or out of the office!  Even my kids call him Dave!  Upon his request, he didn’t want Grampa or Poppa!

Dave is well known in our little community.  He is a father to 3 amazing kids, and Grandfather to 6 lovely grandchildren.  He has donated countless hours to coaching different teams, various committees and charities around our town. Marathon runner, speed biker, and general workout King.  Dave is a big proponent of healthy living.  He dedicates a lot of time to helping those living with addiction issues.  Dave is also a cancer survivor (almost 8 years cancer free).

What most people don’t know about Dave is that he is an amazing artist.   For years, I have always seen his little doodles on pieces of paper around his office or on the file folder he is carrying around with him.  But now he is putting his art out there for everyone to see!  Over the years he has used different types of media to showcase his talent, but his latest passion is painting - either with ink or paint, and his work is absolutely amazing. 

If you interested in seeing his work – keep an eye out for it at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, and it’s currently for sale at a store in Toronto (The Arts Market on Queen Street East) – or better yet, drop in and visit him in his studio here at IPB.  We have converted a portion of the second story of our original building into an art studio.  (The rest of the space will be dedicated to a yoga studio/work out area very soon!).

Yes, Dave is my Dad.  Most people I meet wouldn’t have known this – unless of course we are standing beside one another.