Monday, January 05, 2015

2014 Highlights

Wow, we have officially wrapped up 2014,  and what a year it has been! 

Last January, we talked about change.  How important it is to keep changing.  Never staying stagnant.  We sure showed everyone that change; big change should be embraced and celebrated as an exciting way to move forward. 

January and February saw us in training – A LOT!  KBA training in Germany for the press operators, Esko and Agfa training for our new pre-media work flow and platesetter.  We also dug the hole in the plant floor in preparation for the new printing press. 

Now, some may wonder why we have been talking so much about a new printing press.  For us, this type of purchase doesn’t happen often.  And when it does, it’s a big deal!    What made this an even bigger deal was all the new features that this press has been able to offer us and our customers. 

2013 also saw some major renovations; the biggest and most exciting was our new lounge area.  A special space created for customers and employees to hang out while at IPB.  We use this space to host our events, info sessions, vendor presentations and customer press proofs.  The space also features a few museum pieces that detail the company’s history. 

March and April brought the delivery of lots of new equipment.  The KBA began to arrive in March (it was delivered in over 20 crates – not little ones, large ones, VERY LARGE!) and we immediately began installation.  The Agfa platesetter was installed and became operational.  Esko pre-media work flow was also installed.  This allowed us to work with artwork files onsite directly with the customer.  A new chapter for IPB!

Sales and Marketing teams were busy at trade-shows.  Showing potential customers everything that IPB has to offer!  We spent a great deal of time seeing what was happening – new and cool ideas in the packaging industry.  Always staying on top of the latest trends!

May and June found us prepping for 2 big events.  For our first ever, we hosted our local Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce Business After 5.  Local business owners came and toured our facility and got to see first hand just what we do at IPB!  For our second event, we held a customer VIP day.  Customers were invited to tour the facility and see what we have been up to, and meet the staff!  Eric Frank from KBA came to speak about trends in the packaging industry and relationships between supplier and customer.  This made for a very eventful June!  It was exciting to see how many people came to visit us. 

July and August was ‘All systems a-go’.  All of the training that we had gone through in the last few months were coming together in the pre-media, pre-press and printing departments.  The summer always brings IPB family BBQ’s and fundraising events for our team. 

We were excited to welcome new and returning customers throughout the summer months.  New challenges were set and are now being met!  All thanks to the great first six months of the year!

September and October were much of the same.  But now we were turning some of our attention to the other Departments.  Diecutting departments were trained on learning new knicking methods, quicker makereadies and more consistent cut and creaselines that will make our packaging work better on the auto-fill equipment!  Learning about new technology and what is coming out in the next year. 
The Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce awarded Ingersoll Paper Box with Industry of the Year for 2014.  Very exciting to be recognized as a team in our own community for our achievements. 

November and into December we decided to try a fundraiser.  While promoting the amazing new techonology we have in house, we made gift boxes for the holiday season.  We sold them locally with all proceeds going towards to local charities.  Ones that are near and dear to our hearts.  The Lunch Bunch serves hot lunches to children at schools.   The Inter-Church Relief program runs the Hamper program during the Christmas season. And through out the rest of the year provides food, clothing and financial assistance were and when needed. 

The gift boxes came in 2 sizes, and 4 different print looks, along with gift tags.  Sold throughout the month of December, we raised well over $3,000.

With the New Year upon us, we are happy with all of our past accomplishments.  And I can honestly say I am so proud of the IPB team.  We made many changes and coming out the other side, we look back and can see now that all these changes were necessary to move forward for a better future. 

If you are interested in a tour and want to see what we have been up to this past year - Contact your IPB Sales Representative. Hope to see you soon.