Friday, December 16, 2011

It’s Been a Very Hairy November

Last year during the month of November I was surprised and impressed with the number of guys at IPB who participated in “Movember”.  Movember is a campaign across North America that brings awareness to men’s health issues.   

I wanted to show my support and involve the entire IPB team for this year’s campaign.  I wanted to take our mission and help benefit Cancer research, specifically for Prostate cancer.

Seven years ago at Christmas time our family was rocked to the core when we were told that my Dad (David Skinner) had prostate cancer.  We were in shock that Christmas, and by the end of January Dad had his prostate removed and was recovering at home awaiting the start his first round of radiation treatments.  That same January, I was happy to announce that my husband and I were expecting our second child.  What an emotional time for the Skinners!  By the end of the year Dad was cancer free, and we had a beautiful little girl.

Both my uncle and grandfather (on my Dad’s side) passed away from cancer, and for both of them it had originated in their prostate.  Because of this, we were all too aware of the hurt cancer can bring to a family and more importantly because of that, my Dad was tested regularly.   Thank goodness he took his family medical history seriously and was proactive in protecting himself.

Prostate cancer in most cases is very treatable, especially in the case of early detection. This is exactly what a campaign like Movember is all about; men’s health issues should never be a subject that is swept under the rug.

At Ingersoll Paper Box, we have had too many fellow co-workers suffer from cancer themselves, or have had family members suffer.  It is hard to watch my friends go through it as I know all too well how painful it was for myself and my family.

This year, a total of 24 IPB members joined together to build awareness for the Movember Campaign and helped change the face of the men’s health issue.  They effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Their moustaches were their ribbons, the means by which they raise awareness and funds for this worthy charity.

IPB has always been a company that cares, and we wanted to encourage our members to participant by contributing $50 per person to the Canadian Cancer Society.  The campaign is unique, it gets everyone involved – but more importantly it builds awareness for an illness that has touched so many of our team members lives. 

It was a great month; I was surprised and impressed with the number of men participating.  I am so very pleased to donate $1200 to the Canadian Cancer Society in the name of Ingersoll Paper Box on their behalf.

For more information on Prostate Cancer please visit