Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It’s all in what you make of it.

Our cottage is a little further up north than just a “quick drive up for a weekend”. When we go, we plan on being there for at least one week.  So, as school was ending for 2011/12 we were planning our first trip up north of the season.

People always ask me “why in the heck would someone want a cottage so far way”?  I ask myself the same thing at times – why not Muskoka, Tobermory or one of the great lakes?  But for me, all it takes is stepping out of the car when we get to the marina to remind me why I love it so much.  The air actually feels cleaner; in fact I don’t take any allergy medicines while I am up there!  The quietness of it all, the tranquility that it brings me is beyond words.  I can’t describe it – You just have to take my word for it.

We don’t have any phones at the cottage, and cell phone coverage is spotty at times, we don’t get the newspaper or mail delivered to our doorstep and there is no Internet.  We do allow ourselves the luxury of satellite TV (for the odd rainy day and screaming child of course!)

This past winter we took the whole family to Mexico.  It was lovely.  Nice to get out of the cold and feel the sun on our bodies, we played by the pool and beach.  But with 3 kids to watch, listening to the beat of the music on the loud pool side speaker, and people trying to sell me stuff on the beach and chatting with the waitress who stops by to deliver drinks every 15 minutes…I can’t honestly say that it is the most relaxing get-a- away.  It was fun and we had blast, but relax – we did not.

I asked my daughter what kind of vacation she liked better.  Mexico or the cottage.  I was hoping she would say cottage, but nope, Mexico it was!  I asked her why?  Her reply was exactly what a six year old should say: “There is always something going on, it’s exciting and they speak a different language!”

As I sit on the dock and think about what she said - I can’t help but wonder what everyone’s perception of a good vacation is…is it relaxing or a fun vacation…maybe it’s an age thing J  But I guess when you think of it - any vacation can be fun (and relaxing).  It is all in what you make of it.  So instead of giving into the “boredom” of the cottage - I added a zest of fun for all of us…got out the music, danced around, made crafts with the kids and enjoyed the fun life that the cottage has to offer us.  We had a day full of happy vacationers…and after all the excitement died down, I found myself relaxing, sitting on my dock listening to the water lap on the boat with a smile on my face reading some Hollywood tabloid magazine.

You see, it’s all in what you make of it - you can have your cake and eat it too!