Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Craft – Creative – Culture ... a re-Brand Initiative

Are you thinking of re-branding?  Is it time for a fresh new look  for your company/product? When considering a re-branding initiative don’t forget to think long and hard about how your packaging fits into that equation, and more importantly how your packaging looks!  Your package is your first line of communication with your customer and plays an important role on how they respond to your product.   

Packaging tells them who YOU are, what YOU stand for, and they will immediately get a feel for your product. 

The product that you selling to the consumer is not only a physical product, but an emotional product - You are selling a feeling, and an experience.  Your packaging is the key to getting that message across. 

I was recently at the LUXE PACK conference, the premier show for creative packaging.   There was an open panel discussion on how to get a new brand identity out to the consumer.  The consensus was - Being Crafty, Creative and Cultural will bring Clarity to your product.  

So what does that mean? ...

Crafty – make sure that what you are putting out is Perfection – you want the consumer to have what you consider to be the most perfect product on the market – the packaging will tell them that story. 

Creative – The package must be inspiring to the consumer.  It should make them want to come back again and again. 

Culture – The package can tell your story,  what the company and products stand for.  Your core values. 

If you are going through a re-branding initiative or  just looking for new packaging ideas, please ask us to the table!  Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited is dedicated to making sure your product is packaged in the best way possible.   Our Marketing team will be happy to put a presentation together for you to see all of what is available to you! 

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