Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fun in the Snow

It has been crazy weather these last few weeks in Southern Ontario.  Rainy one day, snowy the next with the sun popping out once in a while.  Being a good Canadian I truly enjoy all 4 seasons.  Fall for its colours and warm cozy sweaters - Summer for the warm sun, long days, and a friends swimming pool! - Spring for all the freshness it brings and - Winter for all the cold snowy days when we wait out the storms snuggled in front of a warm fire, and then head out to the ski hill to enjoy the fresh snow. Those are my favourite times. 

All of my kids are enjoying the slopes this winter.  One sunny winter day, we all headed out for the nearby slopes.  My oldest son was snowboarding with a friend, my youngest son was learning how to ‘snow plow’ and my daughter and I were heading down the hill together.  Now I have to admit, I am not a great skier.  I can get down the hill, turn when I need to and stop almost on a dime!  I can even cut the snow under the ski and get that cool crunchy snow sound when I turn or stop.  For that my kids think I am the coolest. 

On this particular run we were heading down the hill, my daughter was in front of me.  For 7 years old, this girl is pretty brave; she has trick skis (I didn’t know what I had bought at the time) and likes to switch on the fly from going down frontwards to backwards.  As I was following along behind her, I saw that she had cut someone off and was about to do it again – So I had to yell out to her and try to get her attention.  She stopped dead in her tracks and turned to tell me she knew exactly what she was doing (7 going on 17).  As we were continuing on down the hill and talking about what had just happened, I totally wiped out.  This shocked the heck out of me.  I laid there, snow in my face and down my jacket, legs twisted and one ski managed to pop off.  My knee was sending a little yelp of pain (…help), but nothing too severe.  My daughter skied over as quickly as she could to see if I was ok.

I laid there wondering – “Am I too old for this?”  It was only a fleeting thought.  “How could I be too old?”  I am outside enjoying the fresh air with my whole family.  I pulled myself together made sure the chairlift wasn’t full of people laughing, checking out to see who else may have been witnessed my spill on the slopes, and continued on with the run.  What an amazing day with my family.  A little snow in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting memory with my family and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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