Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Morning – The Art of a Slow Start

Today was a rough start to the day.  We woke late and I knew when I looked at the clock we were going to miss the bus.  As I laid here checking my messages I thought this could go one of 2 ways…  I scream, yell and fight to get us on the bus, or take a deep breathe accept that we are late and drive the kids to school myself.  Not the end of the world…or so I thought, until I broke the news to my oldest who proceeds to tell me that riding the bus was one of his favorite things to do – all this as he stomped away.  Needless to say, I felt like a heel - but on we went.  Got the youngest one dropped off at the sitters, and off we went onto the ‘Big School’. 

As we entered the school it was evident that we were arriving during morning announcements.  Everyone was standing still listening intently.  The office was right in front us and I could see who was talking and what was going on inside.

As I looked through the window I saw a teacher holding up the sign with the words prepared, the principle was holding the microphone for the kids talking.  They were in Grade 1 and making an announcement for an upcoming fundraiser. You could tell it was organized chaos!  The girls were giddy with excitement, singing their songs and telling their stories.  The principle sat very patiently with them, whispering the harder words to them so that the whole school couldn’t hear him through the PA system.  The kindness and compassion shown by the teachers and principal just melted my heart.

It was nice to have a distraction from the all the negative in the world - and this little window of sunshine did wonders for my heart!

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