Thursday, October 09, 2014


Translation: OH MY GOSH ARE YOU FOR REAL? Smiley face

Ok, so here is something to think about…

This past week found me in the great city of Chicago at an annual industry tradeshow.  Nice to get out of the office, see what’s new, make some new contacts, and catch up with some friends.  It is always interesting to see how the industry is evolving.  Where years ago, this show was multi leveled with huge machinery at every exhibit.  Now you see the digital world is in fact taking over.  With everything digital, you can add so many interesting FX to packaging.

You see what I just did there – FX = effects.  Acronyms are becoming such a common way of writing, advertising, and texting.  In dealing with many different industries over the years, you become accustomed to seeing acronyms that are specific to their own office or industry.  However, I have to admit reading some texts these days is starting to make my brain hurt.  Is this truly the way things are going?  I am such a “long winded texter”, must drive people nuts? 

Typically, I feel like I am pretty current with new trends, and kind of ‘in the know’ on sayings.  But when I was out with a friend having drinks after the show, waiting for another friend to join us, she texted – and ended it with – “LMK”.  We were stumped.  I know LOL, TTYL, BTW, LMAO, G8, ISO, and a few others, but LMK…???  She really had us stumped.   

It’s no different than being behind a vehicle with personalized license plates.  Some are real head scratchers but I love trying to figure them out, makes for a nice road trip game with the family.  LMK really made me think! 

We finally sorted it out – Let Me Know… It got us laughing at how 3 simple letters could be so difficult to understand.  But it also got us thinking - more making fun of ourselves.  It feels good to laugh at yourself, sometimes it’s needed. 

Is this really where things are going?  Have all our English classes gone to waste.  OMG – I sound old….or perhaps someone who just doesn’t want to lose the art of writing the language we speak.

This morning I got up and thought, there can’t be that many texting acronym’s– but nope, wrong again!  There is a whole dictionary on texting with acronym’s!  WTH!!!???

So I have included the links to the better sites I found.  Just to help keep you all current!  LOL!   Happy Reading.

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